Ragheb Alama HUBLOT Advertising Campaign


Luxury Swiss watch brand Hublot has undertaken yet another great project, its second Middle East and Africa advertising campaign, featuring Friend of the Brand Ragheb Alama. Following its usual "first, different and unique" motto, Hublot connected East to West by shooting in Budapest-Hungary, the campaign which was fully conceptualized and developed by a Middle East team.

Arab superstar and singing-sensation Ragheb Alama took the spotlight in the new campaign, embodying the elegant and refined Hublot man with a young spirit. In an elaborate production embodying the brand's Art of Fusion concept, the campaign brings past to future with the world acclaimed artist who has been in the Arabic pop music scene for more than 3 decades, always connecting generations through his style, music and vibrant personality. Ragheb personifies the Hublot man who travels the world enjoying a particular lifestyle, but who also shines in every day situations be it a casual walk out by the water or a busy day at work.

“Working with Ragheb Alama was a great experience as he has high standards and is a professional at everything he does. Having shot many video clips, he brought along an artistic sense and creative insights to the shoot,” asserts Marco Tedeschi, Hublot Regional Director Middle East & Africa.

Well before his collaboration with Hublot, Ragheb was a big fan of the watchmaker and owned several Hublot watches. To him, this association is built on a family bond as well as mutual love and respect.

A well-seasoned musician having been in various clips, Friend of the Brand Ragheb Alama admits: “Every photo shoot involves fatigue, focus and skill; but when backed by a passion for success, coupled with conveying the right image to the audience, no task is too daunting.”

The campaign boasts two looks based on different facets of a man’s life, and was shot in different ambiances and distinctive lighting, creating a special mood for each look. Casually admiring a breathtaking twilight sinking behind a warmly-lit bridge by a vast lake; and elegantly descending the majestic steps of a lavish opera house.

“The shot by the bridge at sundown was quite amazing because natural light was exceptional that day and allowed an emotional feel to radiate through all the elements in the image,” says Marco Tedeschi.

With a big smile, Ragheb Alama confirms: “The looks fit my own style perfectly, as I feel at ease both in a tuxedo and in a casual chic outfit.” Adding: “We should cherish every moment in life and live it with love, dedication, hard work, peace and happiness.”

There is nothing the Hublot man cannot do on time with total style and elegance. For that is what the Art of Fusion is all about.


Behind the scene



DOP: Jean Ghalo | Photographers: Jean Ghalo, Joseph Bassil | Executive Producer: Marco Tedeschi, HUBLOT | Co-Art Director: Marco Tedeschi, Jean Ghalo | Co-Producer: Fadi Sibai, Rochelle Escobar | Assistant Producer: Marc Ghalo | Lighting: Adàm Földi | Lighting Assistants: Albert Máté, Tamás Kovács | Co-Stylist: Tanya K, Judit Kaposi | Hair: Kaszon Hortobági | Makeup: Richárd Fazekas | Behind The Scenes Camera: Csaba Szentgáli, Péter Rogosz, Robert Kiss | Video Editor: Eliane Mallat | Location Manager: Szilvia Szlavitsek | Logistics: Budapest Events | Special Thanks to Hungarian Opera House and Backstage Production | Production: Jean Ghalo & Friends